We use sustainable methods to source, produce, and package, and work with individual jewelers and artisans located in New York, who make each piece by hand, and an overseas factory made up of a small workforce of artisans and designers.

We vet our suppliers at great lengths to ensure our materials are not ethically compromised and are of the highest quality, and environmentally-mindful suppliers that use recycled materials. In order to produce jewelry that lasts long and does not wear away, we use high-quality materials with integrity.

Most of our jewelry is hand-crafted in New York City by artisans and jewelers. By keeping production local, we are supporting small businesses and reducing our potential carbon footprint. For certain collections, we've partnered with a factory in India.

Packaging and shipping: Recycle, reduce, and reuse is one of our mantras and is fundamental to our business model. Our packaging is all recycled, upcycled, compostable and/or recycled materials. We encourage our community to collect few, long-lasting objects, which is why we choose the sturdiest metals like 10K gold, gold-filled, sterling silver, and borosilicate glass.