Annika Inez jewelry is designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, but require gentle handling because they are made by hand. When jewelry is not being worn, keep it stored in an Annika Inez pouch or jewelry box. Proper care and maintenance will preserve their beauty and shine.

14k Gold-Filled
14k gold-filled is a technique where a sheet of solid 14 karat gold is heat bonded to a core of brass, so that it has a much higher gold content that gold plating. Since 14k gold fill is legally required to contain 1/20th of its weight in gold, the jewelry will not fade and continue to shine like pure gold. With proper care, a 14k gold-filled piece can be worn for 10-15 years without showing any signs of wear. Delicate chains wear off faster and need to be cleaned more often. Annika Inez jewelry is handmade, so there may be visible, but strategically placed seams.

Care should be taken to protect the layer of gold from being worn away or nicked when cleaning. Do not use abrasive compounds to clean the jewelry. The best way to care for gold filled jewelry is to scrub gently with an old, soft toothbrush and a mild dishwashing liquid. Rinse and lay on a towel to dry. Be sure it is completely dry before storing.

10K Gold
Our fine line is made with 10K gold, which is jewelry made entirely of gold alloy. It's the most durable of all types of gold jewelry. Solid gold jewelry has the highest longevity and highest tarnish resistance, but it can still receive scratches and dents over time. These can be easily polished out at home with a polishing cloth. You can also soak gold jewelry in a bowl filled with lukewarm water and a few drops of mild detergent. Use your fingers or a soft cloth to rub off dirt after a proper soak. 

Sterling Silver
Sterling silver is the strongest alloy of silver (92.5% silver and 7.5% copper), balancing beauty and durability. Exposure to air, dust or other elements, particularly those containing salt and sulfur, may cause sterling silver to tarnish more rapidly, but silver that is regularly worn needs less care and will last a lifetime. We encourage you to wear your silver jewelry every day for best condition or store it in a safe and dry place. There are a number of non-abrasive polishes on the market specifically designed to remove tarnish. Always read the warning label and take care when using polishes on your jewelry.

Borosilicate Glass
Borosilicate glass is the kind of glass that laboratories and restaurants use because it is much sturdier than standard, everyday glass because its boron trioxide content makes it less volatile. We use borosilicate glass for our jewelry so that each piece is beautiful and strong and has a pleasant weight. Because we work with a local glass blower in Brooklyn to make our borosilicate glass jewelry, no piece is completely alike.

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