Our Commitments

Annika Inez has always been conscious of progress and change in the social fabric of the community. With every amplification of movements like Black Lives Matter, Climate Justice, and much more, comes a reminder that making changes towards a more just society takes a lifetime of commitment. As a small business, we will be giving back to the community using our platform by donating 5% of our sales to different charities and nonprofits.

For the rest of February and through March 2021, we'll be donating 5% of our sales to Black Artists and Designers (BAD) Guild.


What is BAD Guild?

The guild was created to "build a more equitable and inclusive industry for independent Black artists, makers, and designers in creative industries". Donation funds provide financial resources for BADG's daily operations, support services, scholarships and grants, educational resources, and more, to support the next generation of black artists and designers.

Read more about BADG here